Why the Face Appear Black Dots?

261120163At present, more and more women are faced with such a problem as the appearance of black spots on the face. Of course, this problem is of concern to many, because it does not look aesthetically pleasing. It seems that the person is not very clean (believe me, it is not).

So, let’s look at because of the appearance of black dots on the face?

1. Vegetable oil. Perhaps the body lacks the fatty acids. To normalize the sebaceous glands, it is necessary to drink a tablespoon of olive oil on an empty stomach.
2. Vitamin C. To make up for the shortage in the body of this vitamin, it is necessary to drink beer yeast.
3. Fatty foods. Try to give up fatty foods.
4. Fiber. Eat more vegetables and fruits. They contain fiber, which removes toxins from the body.
5. Yogurt. To intestinal microflora was normal, drink kefir before bedtime.
6. Washing. Frequent washing can also cause blackheads. Wash should be 2 times a day, morning and evening. Should not be abused by any procedure. In the measure is necessary and competent approach.

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