Why Twitching Eye?

Many people at least once in his life faced with such a problem as a twitching eye. This is a rather unpleasant situation that causes discomfort. In addition, it is difficult to hide from prying eyes.

So why twitching eye?

1. Over. Twitch eye may start due to overexertion. It does not matter what – mental or physical. Lack of sleep, stress, frustration – all this could have caused the disease.
2. Magnesium. If the body’s deficiency of this important trace elements like magnesium, the twitching of the eyes may occur.
3. Genetics. Sometimes a genetic predisposition can cause a nervous tic.

How to overcome the illness?

When necessary twitching eyes, primarily, to reassure the nervous system. To do this, you can start brewing herbs (mint, lemon balm). If desired, you can buy in a drugstore a soothing collection. You can also start eating foods that contain a lot of magnesium. With this trace element can not only strengthen the heart muscle, and nerves are put in order.

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