Why Wear a Hat in the Winter?

Today, on the streets, are increasingly found young people who go bareheaded. Undoubtedly, if the weather allows it, you can go out without a hat. But, if the street is cold and the wind is blowing, it is best not to go out without a hat out of the house, as it can cause serious diseases.

So, what you can get sick if walking without a hat in the winter?

1. Cold. It is likely to fall ill with acute respiratory viral infection. At this point, the body gets hypothermia, immune system is weakened and the virus more easily penetrate into the body.
2. Headache. If a person walks in cold weather without a hat, he may face the same problem as a headache. It’s not a pleasant situation.
3. Otitis. Can start to hurt your ears. They always need to be protected from the cold.
4. Hair loss. Can hair began to fall because of the frost.
5. Meningitis. This is a very serious and dangerous disease. Meningitis – an inflammation of the membranes of the brain that is heavily treated.

Be reasonable, and wearing winter hats!

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