Why Women are Increasing their Nails?

261120168At present, more and more women have resorted to the nail procedure. It is very convenient, because only once a month to spend a few hours of your nails.

But do not always think only positive aspects of capacity. You should always bear in mind the negative consequences of the procedure.

We will understand all the positive and negative sides of the nail.

1. The shape and length. If a woman has decided to increase the nails, the shape and length will be as she wants.
2. Well-groomed and neat nails. For 3-4 weeks nails will look gorgeous.
3. Layer of nails. You never think of the layer, or brittle nails.
4. Biting his nails. If you have this habit, the capacity will help get rid of it.

1. Treatment. After removal of artificial nails, natural nails need to be treated.
2. Duration. The whole procedure takes about three hours.
3. Expenses. Correction should be done at least once every three weeks. Remember always that this is an additional cost.
4. Infection. If the build-up will be done poorly, the infection may develop. In this case do without care physician.

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