With No Need to Eat in the Summer?

In the summer season the maximum chance to get poisoned in the use of a product. In this regard, one must be careful not to get to a hospital bed.

So, from the use of any products should be discarded in the summer?

1. Salad with mayonnaise. These products can be attributed to the perishable, so in the summer it is better not to eat. Do not buy these salads even if they are stored in the refrigerator.
2. Meat and fish. These products need to buy only in those places where there is a refrigerator.
3. Semi-finished products. When choosing semis also need to be careful. They must be well frozen.
4. Vegetables and fruits. Always buy whole vegetables and fruits. No need to take half or a quarter.
5. Milk. Be careful in the use of milk, because this product is very perishable.
6. Eggs. Never buy beaten eggs. This spoiled food can also cause poor health.
7. Cakes with cream. From desserts with cream in the summer and should be abandoned. Do not risk your health.

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