Women’s Diseases

Now more and more women are faced with a diagnosis of endometriosis. The disease does not pose a threat to life, but it is difficult to treat.

So, let’s get more with all the nuances.

Endometriosis – a growth of abnormal endometrium (most often affects the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries).

1. Age. Most often, this diagnosis is young women (under 45 years). In addition, endometriosis can reveal completely random (by results of US), in other words, the clinical manifestations of the disease in women there.
2. Reason. The cause of the disease no one really can not name. Sometimes it suggests that the disease may start due to hormonal failure, inflammation or abortion.
3. Symptoms. Pain during menstruation, during sexual intercourse, and bowel movements.
4. Treatment. Most often, gynecologists prescribe hormone pills. But the best treatment of endometriosis – a pregnancy. During this period, the disease may go into remission. However, sometimes women are not so easy to get pregnant with such a diagnosis. But it’s just rare cases and advanced forms of the disease.

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