You Can Listen to Music on Headphones?

17111619Modern young can not imagine life without headphones.

It has become very fashionable to listen to the player at home, at work, in training in fitness and elsewhere. However, you can often hear the opinion that the headphones are harmful to our ears, and that constant listening to music can have a negative impact on the state of our hearing.

According to doctors, a priori, any headphones are not harmful to the human body. If you listen to music in the correct volume and no longer than 60 minutes a day, no risk for the hearing will not be rendered. However, if a person sets the maximum volume on your headphones and listen to them from morning until evening, then it can become a big problem for everyone.

For this reason, the metered use of headphones does not harm your ears. Listen to music and enjoy it just the right monitor the volume and duration.

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