You can not forbid being beautiful

Summer is the most long-awaited and beautiful time of the year. We all look forward to the start of the vacation period, so as to quickly go to the “azure shores.” But you want to walk beautifully along the golden sand, and for this you need to apply at least a little effort.

How to prepare yourself for summer vacation?

The concepts of “ideal forms 90-60-90” have long ago lost their relevance. Yes, and why exhaust yourself with incomprehensible diets, which, to all else, can be detrimental to the health of your body? And health is the most important and indispensable indicator of beauty.
It is rare to find a woman who is absolutely happy with her figure. If you have any doubts about the ideality of your body, take a centimeter tape and measure the waist and hips. Then divide the first value (waist) into the second (thighs). The result should not exceed 0.7 – this, the so-called accepted standard. However, it is this coefficient that will explain how close you are to the ideal. Down with standards and complexes! To date, the parameters of the ideal body can be equal to both the 38th dimension and 54. Even at a waist 86 cm and hips of 124 cm your figure will look beautiful and harmonious.
But what parameters you would not have, do not forget that your body should be in the ideal state for you. This applies to both the appearance and work of your body as a whole. The ideal body is, above all, a healthy body. And the state of your health is your main task.

Step-by-step program

To achieve results you need to set a goal. Start to move to your goal is not difficult. Describe yourself a step-by-step program that suits you personally. For example, this:
Step 1 – physical activity and a flexible lifestyle. Start your morning with a simple warm-up, go to the gym, give up the elevator, descents and climb the stairs, too, will please you with the result. The main thing is not to be lazy and not relax.
But also do not forget that you should not overdo it. And if you set a goal to reduce weight, then you need to do it smoothly. Remember that a body weight reduction that is safe for the body is no more than 4 kg per month.
Step 2- proper nutrition. Only in combination with a reasonable diet any kind of sports will give its result. Do not rush to get fond of fashionable diets! Write down your diet. Sometimes it’s enough just to limit the consumption of flour, sweet and fatty foods for weight correction. Listen to your body. Or, contact a specialist who will pick up your individual program.
Step 3 – skin care for face and body. This is the simplest and most enjoyable part of your program. Everything is elementary. Observe the rules of personal hygiene. In the summer, this is especially important, as the skin of your face and body is exposed to sunlight and dust. After water procedures, wipe the skin with special care products. Remember: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. This is what your skin needs in the summer.
Step 4 – hair care. Hair in summer suffer no less than our skin. Permanent exposure to the sun, drying with a hair dryer, the use of gels, hair varnishes, paints containing ammonia, all this can not but affect the condition of your hair. So do not forget about the obligatory hair care. If possible, give up using ironing (especially on wet hair) and hair dryers for the summer. Carefully choose a shampoo that is right for your hair type, and do not forget about balms and conditioners. Comb your wet hair with extreme caution, starting from the tips, slowly rising to the roots. For combing hair, it is also better to use special brushes or combs made of natural wood. From the proper care of hair depends on their health and appearance.
Step 5 – care for hands and nails. Even if you are on vacation and your pens do not suffer from the detrimental effects of household chemicals that we use in everyday life, this does not mean that they do not need care. The skin of your hands also needs moisturizing nutrition. Lubricate hands with cream after contact with water. Do not forget about the manicure. You can do it both at home and in beauty salons. And then your hands will look beautiful and well-groomed.
Observing this simple sequence, just do not be lazy and take a little time yourself, you will get a wonderful result.
“Love your body, holte and cherish it, and you will get a wonderful result.”