Youth Rules

Every person throws to stay young. But these are just dreams. Time passes, which means that a person is getting old.

But this does not mean that you need to give up. It is always necessary to fight so that the young years are prolonged.

So, what are the basic rules of youth?

1. Nutrition. To not get sick, you need to ensure proper nutrition. In the morning, eat oatmeal porridge, and for dinner baked vegetables. As for lunch, always eat soup, and only then meat or fish with garnish.
2. Activity. Try to be more active. Move as much as possible. Do not sit constantly in four walls. Do in the gym or run in the morning.
3. Fresh air. Spend more time in the fresh air. Clean air has a good effect on the health of the immune system.
4. Sleep. Sleep in a cool room. During sleep, a person should not be hot. In addition, in a cool room, the skin retains its elasticity longer.
5. Kindness. Be kinder. At what the kindness should be shown not only native, but also surrounding people. A good heart is beautiful.

Good luck!

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