Before each woman is the goal – to look younger than their years. This desire is very easy to explain, because every woman wants to lifelong learning to be attractive.

So how can you look younger than their years? What do I need to do?

1. Lips. Do not choose darker shades of lipsticks. Try to always shine lipstick. This will give them a beautiful flicker.
2. Tone. It is very important to choose the right tonal foundation. It should ideally fit the color of leather. In this case, you need to properly apply it to sound as natural.
3. Eyes. Eye makeup should also be easy. It is best to use bright eye shadow. Note that you should always remember his eyes. A woman with tired eyes will always be visible. It does not help either one cosmetic or make-up.
4. Hair. Now let’s talk about hair. They should always be well-groomed and clean. If you dye your hair, then it should be done in a timely manner. Regrown roots look just awful.

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