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The natural supplement is a “smart” biostimulant. The active components of the formula act directly on the cause of erectile dysfunction, without affecting other organs and processes. Due to the balanced composition of the components, the action of the capsules on the male body is carried out almost instantly. After 20-30 minutes, an irresistible sexual desire will appear, the penis will become as firm and large as possible.

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The ingredients included in the composition have a synergistic effect. They ensure the correct functioning of the genitourinary system, enhance sperm synthesis and improve the general condition of the body. If you take the capsules every day for 1 month, your sexual erection will be as strong and firm as possible.

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1. The penis becomes flaccid or falls down at the most inopportune moment.
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3. The fear of repeating failure in the bedroom pushes you away from the development of the relationship and the woman feels it.
4. After alcohol it is impossible to control an erection.
5. Too little semen is produced during ejaculation.
6. It is impossible to stay in bed for more than 3 minutes.

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