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Why are we gaining weight? Harvad scientists have found that simple carbohydrates are one of the main causes of obesity. Studies show that it is the excessive consumption of foods high in simple carbohydrates that leads to obesity and diabetes.

When you consume carbohydrates, the body converts them into glucose and transports them to all cells and internal organs. When glucose levels rise above a certain level, the pancreas perceives this as a signal for insulin synthesis. Insulin is a hormone that neutralizes excess glucose by acting on insulin receptors. The receptors are located in the liver, muscle, and fat cells. Passing glucose through themselves, they convert it into glycogen or fat. The more simple carbohydrates you consume, the more often the pancreas has to secrete insulin. Over time, there is a slowdown in metabolism and a rapid set of subcutaneous fat.

A typical example of how this works:

You ate a portion of chocolate dessert → there was a sharp jump in blood glucose → the pancreas produced insulin → insulin turned glucose into fat → the sugar level dropped sharply → there was a feeling of hunger → you ate chocolate again.

This vicious circle does not give us the ability to control body weight and effectively lose weight. It is for this reason that Keto Advanced weight loss supplement has recently gained wide popularity. It is a unique complex of active ingredients that makes it easier to cut out carbohydrates and keep energy levels high.

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The formula is designed to eliminate uncontrolled appetite, to suppress signs of obesity, and for the ketogenic diet. The 30 Day Weight Loss Program is designed to quickly transition into ketosis, in which fat is converted into an additional source of energy.

Keto Advanced to burn fat helps you achieve incredible results without effort on yourself and without heavy loads on the body. The formula is developed on the basis of exclusively natural ingredients, has no contraindications for use and side effects. If used correctly, after a while, you can get a stable result.

Studies show that the use of these natural capsules can get rid of obesity problems in 1-2 months. You definitely need Keto Advanced slimming product buy to stay healthy and prevent possible complications.

What are the advantages of the product:

– High quality;
– Fast action;
– Natural composition;
– Profitable Keto Advanced pharmacy price;
– Guaranteed result.

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