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Capsules simultaneously work in 4 directions:

– They have antibacterial effect
– Normalizes the work of prostate
– Prevents the development of abnormal cells in prostate and urinary tract
– Normalize erectile function


What is prostatitis? This is an inflammatory process that occurs in the prostate gland in men and is accompanied by painful symptoms. The prostate is part of the male genital organs and performs a large number of important functions in the body. Under the influence of certain factors, the prostate increases in size, squeezes the urinary canal and makes urination difficult. In addition, inflammation of the prostate interferes with a normal sexual erection in a man.

All the time, prostatitis was an age-related disease that appeared in men after 40 years. But in the modern world, doctors diagnose this disease even in 20-year-old boys. Every tenth man after 30 years has prostatitis. These frightening statistics are confirmed by the International Health Organization and leading urologists around the world.

How to identify symptoms of prostatitis? The main symptoms of prostate inflammation:

1. Often urination;
2. Burning and discomfort in the urethra;
3. Pain in the lower back and pelvis;
4. Premature ejaculation;
5. Erectile dysfunction;
6. A feeling of weakness in the body.

If you have identified these symptoms, you should immediately begin treatment. Today, pharmacies offer a huge number of different pharmaceutical drugs for prostatitis. But almost all of these drugs have the chemical composition of the ingredients or can cause side effects. Many doctors recommend the use of natural herbal supplements, which can help restore the normal size of the prostate easily and quickly. One such ActiPotens product for the treatment of prostatitis. A unique product that has no analogues is already available for you!

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ActiPotens for men is an innovative formula for solving the problem of prostatitis at home. The natural phytocomplex contains special vitamins and nutritious ingredients to quickly eliminate the inflammatory process, normalize the functioning of the prostate gland, improve urination and increase sexual function. The product has a positive effect on the immune system, increases physical stamina and effectively fights chronic fatigue. Using these natural capsules you can again feel young, get rid of many health problems and start a new life.

ActiPotens male enhancement pills does not contain GMOs, chemistry or harmful impurities. This product has been tested in many research laboratories, has proven high quality and efficiency. Only through the use of this food supplement can you get a guaranteed result without much effort.

According to experts, the use of this natural remedy is effective for any form of prostatitis or erectile dysfunction. Capsules contain an active formula that has good anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. A few days after the start of use of the product, there is an improvement in urination, a decrease in pain and an increase in male erection. Gradually, the prostate gland is fully restored and begins to work 100%. The product is natural and sold without a doctor’s prescription. Today you can only buy online.

All ingredients are herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and useful active additives. These tablets have no contraindications and you can use them at any age (but older than 18 years). Learn ActiPotens how to use from the instructions and follow all the seller’s recommendations.

You can see the first results of before and after use after 7-14 days, and the full course duration is 30 days. According to experts, this dietary supplement may be the main or additional treatment for prostatitis. In addition, it is a good tool for the prevention of impotence and inflammation of the prostate gland. This is another reason to Acti Potens order.

This will be useful for all men over 35 who have a sedentary lifestyle or problems with being overweight. Regular consumption of these vitamins will help maintain your health and sexual libido even at 75! Moreover, ActiPotens at the pharmacy it is sold even in our country.

How does Acti Potens work?

From the first days of using this food supplement, you get a full range of essential vitamins and minerals. Plant extracts help reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation in the genitals, and normalize the urethra. This reduces pain, improves the functioning of sexual function and increases the duration of sexual intercourse.

According to buyers, after using this product in 95% of men feel improved sexual health and the restoration of natural processes. This product is successfully sold in more than 15 countries of the European Union, including in our country. If you want to purchase, just visit the official online store and place an order.

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