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A professional solution in the spirit of the 21st century for those who want to:

– Feel free to wear tight clothes, including revealing lingerie and swimwear;
– Attract the attention of the opposite sex;
– Minimize the effects of sedentary lifestyles;
– Don’t waste time and money going to the gym, instead giving it to loved ones or important matters;


To date, electrotherapy is widely used in medicine as a method of restoring motility and improving the functioning of internal organs. Recently, the principles and technologies of electrical stimulation have been actively used in sports. First of all, it concerns the recovery of muscles after hard training, as well as the burning of fat in problem areas.

Many girls know how difficult it is to build muscle on the buttocks and hips. Even with regular training and heavy exercise, this process can take several months or even several years. Not all women have the time and opportunity to visit gyms often, so they are forced to hide their figure under shapeless clothes of large size.

Today we will tell you about California Body hips stimulator. This is a unique system designed to pinpoint the problem area for a fantastic result. The device emits useful low-frequency micropulses that affect muscle tissue. An intermittent impulse causes your muscles to contract and relax just like when doing physical exercises in the gym. Thus, the hips train, although at this time you can rest, sleep, eat, ride in a car or even work in the office.

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California Body hips electric simulator will make your muscles work 100%. This method has been repeatedly subjected to clinical studies and in practice has confirmed its high efficiency. In combination with a special warming gel, the stimulator increases the effectiveness of each workout 5-7 times.

The device has several modes of operation at once, each of which is designed for a specific muscle group and principle of action. You choose the program that is most suitable in this case and CaliforniaBody hips muscle stimulator will do all the work yourself!

Why is this a profitable solution:

1. Saves time and money.
2. Gives results from the first days of training.
3. Does not require a strict diet.
4. Great for passive weight loss.
5. Allows you to make the buttocks perfectly round and fit.
6. Does not cause side effects.
7. Fully justifies its cost by replacing expensive gyms and the services of fitness trainers.

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