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Capsules have 5 major positives for your body

– Proven to work on any forms of prostatitis
– Have antibacterial action
– Medically tested with no side effects
– Appropriate for men of any age
– With no synthetic additives


With Hero Plus Prostate Support Supplement for Men, you can forget about night visits to the bathroom in a few days! The first product to restore male strength and sexual health without GMOs, massage and antibiotics. It is recommended as a prophylactic agent for men 40+, as well as for symptoms of prostatitis or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The herbal supplement perfectly restores the normal size and function of the prostate gland, activates testosterone synthesis and increases libido. Natural biostimulant of male energy developed on the basis of the latest scientific advances and discoveries in the prevention and treatment of prostatitis. The capsules contain a biologically active set of ingredients and vitamins that have a tonic effect and relieve inflammation.

Hero Plus – Buy, Order, Delivery

Today it is Hero Plus male enhancement pills that is one of the main alternatives to surgery or prostate massage. Taking capsules to prevent disease or to eliminate specific symptoms, you are guaranteed to get the result you expect. The formula has no contraindications for use and is suitable for absolutely any man over 30 years old. You can take the capsules without a prescription and take your sexual health to the next level.

Indications for use:

– Age 40+.
– Diagnosed prostatitis or prostate adenoma.
– Exacerbation of chronic prostate diseases.
– Erectile disfunction.
– Loss of sexual desire.
– Burning or frequent urination.
– Irregular sex, prolonged abstinence.
– Overweight, sedentary lifestyle.

Today, even the biggest skeptics have no doubts about the effectiveness of this product. The innovative formula has proven itself in many countries around the world and now you can Hero Plus Philippines order without leaving your home.

We asked renowned urologist Dr. Mariano to comment on the information about this product and this is what he said:

“Yes, indeed, Hero Plus Prostate Health capsules are available today in Manila and other cities of our country. I have prescribed them to some of my patients and can confirm their high effectiveness. This food supplement is especially useful in the early stages of prostate inflammation or for prevention. Within 30 days, it eliminates process and return the prostate to normal size. It’s also a great way to increase libido and sex drive. I would recommend it to all men over 35 to maintain high testosterone and prevent inflammation.”

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