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Eat your favourite foods and lose weight!

– Weight loss time: from 2 weeks to one month
– Restrictions: eating carbs in moderation
– Side effects: No


It is time to burn excess fat! With the new Keto Guru for weight loss dietary supplement, you have a unique opportunity to create a perfect body without fat in just 30 days. This diet is the most effective and loyal. Unlike other dietary programs, in this case it is permissible to use many delicious foods containing fats – cheese, fish, meat, eggs and much more. The basic principle of this slimming program is associated with a decrease in carbohydrate intake and increased intake of healthy fats. This helps to start active ketosis in the body and lose subcutaneous fat, turning it into energy.

The beneficial properties of the formula have been proven by scientific research and the visual results of thousands of satisfied customers. Keto Guru diet pills is intended for women who want to have a beautiful figure, but are not ready to give up their favorite food. Modern dietetics and science recognize that the ketone diet is one of the most beneficial and safe. With proper use, you can lose from 8 to 19 kg in just 1 month!

Keto Guru – Buy, Order, Delivery

For more than 10 years, scientists have been trying to develop a universal dietary supplement that should help millions of people lose weight. Keto Guru to burn fat are natural effervescent tablets that contain a high concentration of beneficial components: Aminobutyric acid, Magnesium, L-Glutamine, Vitamin B, Potassium. This formula is designed to support the body during ketosis. The active effect of a dietary supplement lasts up to 24 hours and this gives you the opportunity to lose weight even during sleep or rest.

Unique features of this product:

– Helps eliminate psychological instability, loss of concentration and weakness at the onset of ketosis.
– Prevents the appearance of depression, improves sleep, accelerates the recovery of the body after training.
– Increases physical energy and stamina, eliminates feelings of fatigue and stress.
– Improves the functioning of the heart and digestive system, lowers cholesterol.
– Normalizes blood circulation, stabilizes blood pressure.
– It speeds up the metabolism by 2-3 times, promotes the active breakdown of dense fat deposits in problem areas on the body.
– Normalizes blood sugar, reduces dependence on sugary foods.

These effervescent tablets act instantly and within a few days give the first noticeable improvement. You should definitely try this tool to evaluate its advantages and useful properties. Immediately we want to say that Keto Guru at the pharmacy is not for sale. The manufacturing company sells dietary supplements only through the official website. You can take advantage of the best offer and KetoGuru order at a bargain price.

Expert opinion:

“For any woman, a diet is stressful. When we give up everyday foods, we often feel weak and in a bad mood. I recommend these effervescent tablets to my patients to support weight loss and maintain a positive result. In 90% of cases, the difference of Keto Guru before and after becomes apparent. You can achieve the necessary goal without harming your health. This dietary supplement is sugar and caffeine free and therefore safe for the cardiovascular system. The average duration of weight loss using a regular diet is from 3 to 6 months. Together with effervescent tablets, the rate of weight loss increases several times. You can lose up to 10 kg in 14 days!”

How does KetoGuru work?

The results of clinical studies conducted among women from 24 to 43 years old who used a keto diet for 30 days:

98% – were able to lose from 8 to 17 kg of excess weight.
81% – retained a good mood and a high level of physical activity.
88% – lost their dependence on sugar and sweet foods.
97% – got rid of fat in problem areas (abdomen, waist, hips).
93% – got rid of cellulite and improved skin condition.
100% – were satisfied with the results of losing weight.

Keto Guru how to use:

Drop 1 instant tablet into a glass of warm water. Wait 1-2 minutes until completely dissolved. Stir the drink with a teaspoon and drink 30 minutes before eating. Use daily for 30 days or until you get the desired result. Do not take dietary supplements during pregnancy or lactation.

In the US, this weight loss program became popular a few years ago, but only recently it began to be used in Europe. Today, Keto Guru Philippines is sold online and you can order it in just a few minutes.

If you want Keto Guru buy, you need to fill out the form on the official website and wait for the manager to call back. After confirmation, the order will be sent by mail and you can receive it within 3-4 days.

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