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– Effective and safe skin whitening cream
– Specially designed for private areas
– Formulated with comforting herbal extracts and known bleaching agents
– Suitable for both men and women


Wow Touch intimate whitening cream has high efficiency and helps to achieve a guaranteed result in the shortest possible time! This is a unique product for brightening the delicate skin of the intimate area, which resists unwanted age spots and evens out the shade of the inner thighs. The formula is great for brightening the anus, the area around the vagina and buttocks. Additionally, the cream eliminates minor skin defects and traces of acne or cellulite. The formula consists of natural ingredients that act directly on the cause of hyperpigmentation. The complex of vitamins and minerals gently evens out the skin tone and normalizes the synthesis of melanin.

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Unlike laser procedures in a beauty salon, cream for whitening the intimate area does not damage skin cells and does not cause redness. The formula perfectly supports the nutritional balance of vitamins, improves protective functions and has an additional antibacterial effect. Thanks to the combination of natural ingredients, the cream 100% eliminates irritation and itching, and also moisturizes delicate skin. You can use it at any age without special warnings and get a good result in a few days.


1. Quickly whitens intimate skin.
2. Effective at any stage of hyperpigmentation.
3. It has no side effects.
4. Reduces the secretion of melanin.
5. It acts gently and painlessly.
6. Saves the result forever.
7. Has high ratings from experts and buyers.
8. It is the best alternative to expensive procedures in beauty salons.

Why do experts all over the world recommend this product? WowTouch for whitening the bikini zone successfully passed clinical trials, has certificates of quality and allows you to quickly achieve a positive result. You can apply the cream daily and do not feel any discomfort, burning or skin irritation. The cream not only brightens the skin, but also prevents the reappearance of age spots in undesirable places. Thanks to this, you will no longer be shy about wearing a bikini on the beach or going to the sauna.

One tube is enough for several months of use. Considering that price at the pharmacy is quite profitable, we recommend ordering several packages at once to take a full 3-month course. Please note that when ordering online you save up to 50% on the cost of goods.

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