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– Eliminates itching, flaking and irritation of the skin of the legs
– Makes nails look healthy again
– Eliminates unpleasant odors


You cannot perceive the fungus of the foot and nails only as an aesthetic problem! This is a gross mistake that can cost you dearly! Mycosis belongs to the category of dangerous dermatological diseases that affect the condition of the whole body and can cause the development of serious complications. Fungus infection occurs in just a few seconds, and you can spend several weeks, months or even years on treatment. How to properly cure onychomycosis and prevent re-infection? Today we will discuss this and other issues related to proper foot and nail care.

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Fungal spores are everywhere. You can get infected by simply walking barefoot on the ground, sand, or grass. Very often, infection occurs through contact with a pet that is a carrier of the fungus. Also at risk are athletes, active people, visitors to gyms, swimming pools, hotels. Many women get the infection from improper handling of manicure tools in beauty salons. The danger of the disease is that one carrier of mycosis can infect all family members or their loved ones. How to check if you have a fungus:

– Dry and flaky skin on the feet.
– Changes in the color or structure of nails.
– Cracks and heels or feet.
– Rash and itching between the toes.
– Blisters and blisters on the skin.
– Unpleasant odor of sweat, even with good hygiene.
– Separation of nails.

Immediately after identifying at least one of these signs, you need to seek help from a specialist who will conduct an examination and prescribe treatment.

Many European dermatologists recommend Candidol buy when choosing an effective remedy for foot fungus. This unique cream has received many good reviews from buyers and experts, is officially sold in the EU and is of high quality. The patented formula helps to quickly get rid of the manifestations of mycosis, stabilize the condition of the skin and nails, and improve tissue regeneration.

How Does Candidol Work?

Candidol natural remedy for foot fungus guarantees fast and effective results at almost any stage of the disease. A high concentration of beneficial herbal ingredients can eliminate the symptoms and causes of infection, regardless of the type of fungal infection. The product gives good results after the first use and reliably protects against exacerbations or relapses.

The Candidol before and after difference becomes apparent within a few days of use. The product helps to achieve good results without assistance, without antibiotics and without hormone therapy.

How it works:

– The cream quickly penetrates the epicenter of inflammation and suppresses the lesions.
– Localizes the infection and prevents the infection from spreading to other areas.
– Neutralizes the cellular structure of fungal spores, suppressing their vital activity and activity.
– Starts the process of regeneration of damaged tissues.
– Restores the healthy state of the nail structure.
– Removes toxins.
– Restores the natural balance of vitamins and minerals.
– Accelerates the healing of cracks in the skin of the feet.
– Strengthens local immunity and maintains it at a high level even after the end of the application.

Candidol ointment for the treatment of nail fungus successfully completed clinical trials last year. In a group of 550 patients with mycosis who voluntarily agreed to take part in the study, the following results were recorded:

1. More than 95% of the subjects were able to completely get rid of itching, flaking and redness after 14 days.
2.90% normalized the process of perspiration and were able to eliminate unpleasant odor from feet.
3. 100% after 1 month got rid of mycosis, which was confirmed by repeated analyzes.
4. All 548 participants were satisfied with the results of the treatment and are ready to recommend the product to their friends.

There is no doubt that Candidol cream against foot and nail fungus will be a great solution for all of you. Take the opportunity to get this unique product right now, especially since it is sold without a doctor’s prescription and is available to any buyer.

Why can’t I find Candidol in pharmacy? We asked this question to the consultant on the official website and received the following answer:

The cream is in wide demand on the Internet. The manufacturer wants to make sure that Candidol price remains available to every customer. Pharmacy chains often inflate prices several times in order to get the maximum profit. This can make the cream too expensive and unaffordable for low-income people. Today any customer can Candidol order online and receive their product COD within a few days.

Candidol how to use? This information is described in detail in the instructions that come with the product. Be sure to read it before using it and consult your healthcare professional if necessary.

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