Medical Disposable Face Masks USA, UK, Canada

3 Ply Face Masks

– Anti-dust Breathable
– Disposable Ear-loop
– Medical Sanitary Surgical
– Delivered to your doorstep within 7 – 10 working days


We found where you can order Medical Disposable Face Masks at the best price! In one box, you get 50 pieces made of high quality materials. The product consists of a 3-layer PP Non-Woven and flexible earloops. Size – standard, suitable for men and women regardless of age. Designed for personal protection against bacteria, dust from the environment. Reduces the likelihood of airborne infection transmission.

Used as medical, dental, construction, paint or surgical 3Ply Face Masks. It is a disposable product and is not intended for repeated use.

An additional nose clip is integrated inside the product for convenient fixation on the face. Many experts recommend Disposable Surgical Face Masks buy because of the very low resistance to breathing. You can walk in the mask for several hours and maintain normal breathing. Convenient design allows for a snug fit to the surface of the face to enhance the protective properties.

Protective Face Mask – Buy, Order, Delivery

Here is the reason you need to order this product:

1. The best price on the market.
2. The ability to purchase in bulk.
3. High quality product that meets the necessary standards.
4. Protects against infections, dust, car exhaust, allergens and so on.
5. Convenient form – does not squeeze the face, does not create difficulty in breathing.
6. Universal size for any person.

Material Information:

PP Non-Woven has been widely used in medicine due to its high barrier characteristics. This material successfully copes with most contaminants, but it is as safe for human health as cotton cloth. Due to these properties, the mask effectively protects, but does not cause skin irritation or other problems.

Why we recommend Protective Face Mask order USA, UK, Canada:

– The application will take only 1 minute.
– You do not need to go to the pharmacy and expose yourself to additional risks.
– Contactless delivery and payment can save a lot of time.
– High quality product.
– Protective Face Mask price at the pharmacy starts at $ 3-5 per piece. When ordering a box, you get 50 pieces much cheaper.

Attention! Self-medication can be dangerous to your health. Before using any medical device, it is recommended that you read the instructions and consult a specialist. The description of the product is provided for information only and can not be used as a guide to self-medication. Goods-EU does not sell this product and is not related to the manufacturer. You can ask all questions directly on the seller’s website.


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