A Few Words about Fat

In Ukraine, bacon is a real treasure. It is difficult to find a man who did not eat or did not like this product. It should be noted that the taste and consistency of it is quite unusual.

But today it is necessary to talk about something else. Some scientists say that bacon is harmful to health, while others claim the opposite.

So, what is the use of fat?

1. Prophylaxis of cancer. Salo is an excellent anti-cancer therapy. Eat at least one slice a day.
2. Slag and toxins. With the help of fat, the body can be cleaned of toxins and toxins.
3. Cholesterol. If you eat fat, then a problem like elevated cholesterol, a person will never encounter.

What is the harm of fat?

1. Smoked bacon. Smoked bacon is not good for the body. It contains many carcinogens. The most useful is salted bacon.
2. Weight. If a person grows thin or has obesity, then the use of fat should be discarded. Salo is a high-calorie product.

Dear readers, if you eat one piece a day, then it certainly will not hurt your health. Do not be ill!

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