A Few Words about the Secrets of Longevity

Everyone dreams about how to live a long life. Only in this case, little ones dreams. To do this, a lot of effort and give up what we love so much.

So what are the secrets of longevity are called well-known scientists from Canada?

1. Smoking. We need to stop smoking. This very addiction that affects the human lifespan.
2. Fruits and Vegetables. The diet should always be present vegetables and fruits. Consume their should be in the normal amount. If you follow this rule, then consume pharmacy vitamins simply do not need.
3. Rest. At least once a year you need to go to rest. It could be the sea and mountains. In other words, visit those places that bring you pleasure and inspiration. But in any case it is impossible to sit at home.
4. Sleep. Sleep plays an important role for normal human activity. Get enough sleep should always be. Healthy sleep – one of the aspects of longevity.
5. Nutrition. Do not forget to control what you eat. Eat right and useful!

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