A Healthy Diet with Minimum Incomes

170920164Each family can survive the financial crisis. This kind of test, which must be overcome. In this period it is not easy for everyone. But be that as it was not – life goes on and you need something to eat. So, how to eat with a minimum income.

1. Planning. Always need to plan and prepare a list of products that will be needed during the week. In this case you should always compare the price may be better to go to the outskirts of the city and buy products at a discounted price.
2. Frozen berries. In the season of fresh berries and fruit can be expensive. If you buy frozen you can save considerably. At the same time, in the frozen berries are always stored vitamins.
4. Self preparation. Always cook at home is much cheaper than eating at the cafe or to buy semi-finished products.
5. Shelf life. Goods for which is about to expire on the expiration date is always cheaper. If you have time to eat this product, why not buy a cheaper?
6. Let’s start. Do not put off planning for tomorrow. Proceed to the case today.

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