A New Enemy of Man in the Fight Against Obesity

31101622Office. Work it sedentary. And from eating mostly fast food.

Clerks are not very experienced in the selection of what you can eat. So take it quickly and cheaply: pizza, cookies, cupcakes. And chocolate or candy, which are known to stimulate the brain, here are just a bang!

Also in close team, eating of happens during various celebrations, such as birthdays or professional colleagues holidays. One respected scientist from the Institute of psychology at Bristol, said that people on the level of instincts can not refuse from food, located in front of them.

Especially office workers, who are in close quarters and can watch the snack of his associates. Moreover, gluttony people begin to suffer from idleness. To arrange a break from work, many will certainly try to have a cup of coffee, but still with a sweet dessert. And it is not just extra calories, but in addition, and sugar, which is the most harmful to the body.

So, if your workplace is an office chair, be very careful! Choose the right than a snack, and carefully watch your weight.

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