A Sore Throat

140920168The pain is not insured no one in the throat. In addition, you may encounter at any time of the year with this problem. In winter, most often it is due to hypothermia, and in the summer – because of the use of cold drinks. Whatever the reason, you need to be treated. So as to facilitate the patient’s condition?

1. Anti-inflammatory agents. Always can be purchased at the pharmacy over the counter pills, which are used for sore throat. Who is the patient’s choice represented a huge amount of drugs.
2. Rinse. It is important to gargle. You can use sage tea or soda solution.
3. Aerosols. Very effective sprays. They will not only help to neutralize the microorganisms, but also temporarily numb.
4. Liquid. Drink plenty of fluids. Remember, it should not be hot. It is best to drink hot tea. Do not drink juice and eat citrus fruits, as it can further irritate the throat.

Recall should never self-medicate. It is always better to consult a doctor so that he appointed a competent treatment.

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