Activation of Serotonin

Everyone knows that is the hormone of joy – of serotonin. When he was released a little, the person experiences sadness and apathy. But it should not be. It is necessary only to activate the hormone, and everything will work out.

So, how to activate the serotonin? What do the experts on this subject?

1. Sports. There is no better way to start to stand out serotonin than athletic training. After they always feel active and positively charged person.
2. Attitude. It is equally important to always think and hope for good. Be optimistic in life.
3. Sun. Spend more time in the sun. Sunlight helps to ensure that the body began to produce serotonin.
4. Sleep. Pledge of good mood – a good night’s sleep. Try to get enough sleep every day. Avoid watching TV and go to bed in a timely manner.
5. Food. Include in the diet of the right foods to always be cheerful. These are: bananas, chocolate, tomatoes, oranges, cottage cheese, buckwheat.

Be cheerful and always happy!

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