Advantage of Apricots

190720161Now is the summer. This season is the most rich in all kinds of fruit. Abundance complete. Everyone will find yourself something tasty and very useful. This summer you can saturate your body with sufficient amount of various vitamins. In addition, it is all natural, not chemical (pharmacy of vitamins). In short, you need to eat everything. Today we talk about the apricot because it now is really a lot.

Apricot (Latin Prúnus armeniáca) – very tasty and healthy. In its composition fruits contain a lot of fiber, so they are useful for people who suffer from constipation (need to eat about 10 fruits). It is worth noting that none of the medicine is not working as fast as apricots. This fruit is really unique.

However, apricots can be eaten whole (even if there are no problems with the intestines). If you want to save the apricot in the winter, you can make jam or marmalade. All vitamins are stored, and in the cold winter evening to drink tea with apricot jam will be very helpful. In whatever form you have not used the apricot, it will be delicious. This fruit is growing a lot in the Donbass. Come to visit my place.

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