Advantage of Avocado

190720163At the present time, having come to the supermarket, a very unusual piece of fruit can be seen on the shelves. His name is avocado. Many people do not even know how to eat and what to do with it. Do not worry, if the fruit is unripe, it ripens very quickly. Best refrigerated.

Because avocados can easily cook a variety of dishes: salads, soups. There is no desire to mess around for a long time in the kitchen? Spread on bread and enjoy. sandwich taste will be very unusual, but it is quite difficult to describe. Best of all once to try not to imagine.

It is very important in the preparation of dishes from fruit water it acidic fruit juice (such as lemon). This is due to the fact that light avocado oxidizes and becomes an ugly shade, which spoils the appetite.

Nutritionists often recommend this product to sick people with diseases: diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, post-operative period and after infectious diseases. People who regularly eat avocado, suffer less cardiovascular disease.

What do you need to know about avocados?

There are a number of beneficial properties that really distinguish avocados from other fruits. The composition of this fruit contains a large number of trace elements and nutrients that help quench the feeling of hunger and get the same saturation after a small portion. Despite its high calorie content, avocado is one of the most popular diet products. It contains polyunsaturated fats, a complex of vitamins and antioxidants that speed up metabolism and remove toxins from your body. In addition, avocado is a natural source of potassium, useful for strengthening the heart and cardiovascular system.

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