Advice to physicians, how to prepare for winter cold

06101616That ended in the summer, and it means that we should expect a cold front.

Just sharpened various chronic diseases, and also increases the risk of catching a cold at this time of year. In order to protect your body from the cold, you must comply with certain rules, one of which is to prevent hypothermia.

To do this is to take care of their clothes and shoes to match the weather conditions. In autumn, when the stores a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, should be as much to include in your diet such foods as possible, especially those which contain large amounts of vitamin C, such fruits include all citrus fruits, especially lemons.

But such herbal antiseptic as onions and garlic, should be present every day at your table, because they kill germs and improve immunity.

Doctors recommend before colds start hardening procedures, thus, the process should begin with a rubdown with a towel soaked in cold water.

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