After 30 years should adjust your diet

17101612With age, women’s metabolism slows down, so, after 30 years, you need to change your diet.

When choosing your menu, you must consider the number of calories contained in food consumed, because, in those cases where the high-calorie foods, there is a risk of extra weight gain that contributes to the emergence of serious diseases, such as diabetes.

Therefore, necessary to eat as much fruits and vegetables as possible, but fatty foods, other than fish, it is desirable to give up. Also, should not drink sweet beverages, especially carbonated, and other sugar confectionery, which is used in the manufacture of food additives and dyes.

The amount of protein in the body should be enough, therefore, prefer dishes made from legumes, as well as seafood. Do not forget the sour milk products, as it contains the required amount of calcium, strengthens our bones, but, at the same time, they should be a small percentage of fat content.

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