Alcohol interferes with weight loss

30091617If you decide to lose weight, then you have to give up many foods.

But in fact, it is not just about food but also about certain drinks. For example, very often people complain that constantly lead an active lifestyle, sit on a diet to lose weight but can not. When an expert nutritionist studying the patient’s daily diet in more detail, then learns that he drinks alcohol.

It turns out that any type of sugar alcohol are potent providers in the human body, therefore, their use leads rapidly to a set of overweight. In addition, the composition of many soft drinks contain specific enzyme, which is very similar in structure to the female hormone. They also trigger a set of excess body weight, especially in the hips and waist.

Alcohol slows the metabolism of substances and exchange, and hence all the calories that you eat with a glass of wine, linger in the body as fat.