Alcohol is a Negative Effect on Our Body

11111616No animal on earth does not cause self-harm as much as a person, I mean, smoking, drinking and drugs.

Those who abuse alcohol tend to live 10-15 years less than those who lead a healthy lifestyle.

Scientists were able to prove that even in small doses, alcohol negatively affect the work of the brain, not to mention the liver, heart and other organs. Those people who consume alcohol in moderation, are gradually becoming dependent on him, because by killing nerve cells in the brain, a feeling of euphoria, thereby diverting attention from pressing problems.

It is also noted that, beginning with small doses, which initially is sufficient for the alleged improvement, through the time they have to be increased, which leads to alcoholism. In such cases, a man without a dose of alcohol can not manage, requiring medical intervention.

Therefore, it is necessary to conclude that we should not get involved in alcohol and smoking, and it is better to do any kind of sport, because life is given to man once.

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