Apple Cider Vinegar in Cosmetology

260820166Many women can be found in the kitchen of apple cider vinegar. However, few people know that vinegar can be used in cosmetology. This tool is capable of performing miracles. Apple cider vinegar is able to exert an anti-inflammatory effect. So, what has the properties of apple cider vinegar?

1. Rejuvenation. Using vinegar can not only give the skin freshness, but also to give it a more youthful appearance.
2. Acne. If the skin often appears acne, then wipe the skin of apple cider vinegar. Use it also great to narrow pores.
3. Tonic. There is no better tonic than the tonic on the basis of apple cider vinegar. H a tonic from the shop can not be compared with the fact that you cook at home yourself using apple cider vinegar. It is important to use only tonic before bedtime. If you wipe the skin tonic in the morning so, then under the influence of sunlight, the skin can be painted.

However, it is essential to never use pure vinegar. To put it on the skin, it must first be diluted with water (usually a proportion of 1: 3).

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