Apples Help to Prolong Youth

1209201618This simple fruit like a green apple can be of great benefit to our health. Everybody knows that iron-rich apples are a key source of nutrients and vitamins for our health. However, the latest achievements of cosmetology prove that apples can serve as a basis for slowing down the aging process of our body.

Employees of the University of Iowa (USA) could be found in apple peel a special enzyme, which has a positive effect on the body. First of all, this feature helps to maintain the elasticity of muscles and provide them with a good tone. In addition, green apples help provide the necessary nutrients our skin, so it is much longer remains healthy and youthful.

According to scientists, it is enough to eat at least one apple a day to prolong the youth about 8-10 years. The results also depend on the lifestyle of the person, as well as on the characteristics of the food, which he regularly uses. If you want a young and beautiful for longer you can stay, be sure to use apple salads in your diet.

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