Application of Cognac

140920165Everyone knows about this drink as cognac.
Cognac believe this gentlemen a drink. As is known, high-quality Cognac is quite expensive. Some people have tried it, and others – it is considered a strong favorite beverage. So many people, so many opinions. But today the subject of the article – a little bit different.

Most likely, some people do not know that this drink can be used as a medicine.

1. Headache. If you become a headache, do not immediately drink a tablet. It is best to drink a little brandy (20 mL).
2. Colds. When the first symptoms of the common cold, the aid will also cognac. Coughing – this means number one. The only negative – it is contraindicated in children.
3. Pressure. If reduced pressure in the morning to drink one tablespoon spoonful drink. With cognac vessels dilate, thereby, the pressure increases.
4. Pain in the tooth. If this match was the tooth, then it can be to make a cotton swab soaked in brandy. In diseases of the gums, cognac also helps to cope with the problem.
5. Poor appetite. If poor appetite, you should drink 50 ml of brandy.

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