As Computer Games Affect the Child

15101620Today’s children is difficult to imagine a holiday without a computer.

Many of them most of his free time playing computer games. On the one hand it is good that the child is always at home under the supervision of parents. However, over-indulgence on the part of the parents in this matter can be very dangerous.

In fact, computer games have both positive and negative characteristics. If we talk about the positive properties, they are quite a lot. A child during the game develops its own intelligence and logical thinking. In addition, the positive influence of computer games on the reaction, but also bring a lot of positive emotions.

However, if a child is sitting too long for the PC, it runs the risk of several serious diseases. In particular, these heart problems, obesity, visual impairment, spinal diseases, and so on.

Therefore, always dose the game on the computer for their child.

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