As Women Manipulate Men

02111622We all know that even the most rigorous and freedom-loving man, sooner or later turns out to be under the influence of women.

Most women are able to so perfectly manipulate the feelings and emotions of a man, that representatives of the stronger sex do not even notice that they fall into the full and unconditional influence.

Psychologists say that the male ego to manipulate the majority of women used the classical technique:

Awakening the desire to help. Women often show their weakness to awaken in man the desire to help her.
Praise. Clever and cunning woman skillfully emphasize the dignity of man and try not to notice its shortcomings.
Tears. This is the most powerful and effective method when there are no arguments to prove his innocence.

According to family psychologists, that the proper behavior of women in the family is the key to strong and good relations.

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