Autumn Berries are Rich in Vitamins

21101616Autumn is the one time when a unique opportunity to replenish your body with essential vitamins and other nutrients that will protect him from various diseases and infections throughout the year.

Rosehip is composed of many vitamin C, which you will not find in any other fruits or berries. Suffice it to take a few fruits of this plant and pour boiling water in a few hours you will have a wonderful drink, both in taste and on the healing properties.

Cranberries, which grows in swampy areas, is one of the best natural antiseptic, so, at the first appearance of cold ailments, as often as possible to drink cranberry juice.

And this berry as cranberries, in addition to all its beneficial properties, able to normalize blood pressure, especially since it is well kept for a long time, if you fill with water and a little sugar.

Kalina also has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

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