Bad Habits for the Heart

090920168Everyone wants to be healthy. But you need to conduct a correct way of life and give up bad habits. Many will be difficult to give them up. But be that as it was not health first and foremost. So, what habits have a negative impact on the work of the heart?

1. TV. You can not constantly sit in front of a TV. For the heart needs a moderate load. Often spend time outdoors.
2. Snoring. Pressure surges occur during snoring. Contact your doctor to reduce snoring to a minimum.
3. Spirits. Alcohol can cause many cardiac pathologies. Nobody speaks to refuse a glass of wine, but it is necessary to stop. You can not abuse it.
4. Smoking. If you smoke, you need to do away with the harmful habit. If you do not smoke, but smoke somebody in the family, help him throw. Passive smoking also harms the cardiovascular system.
5. Fruits and Vegetables. Most include in the diet of fruits and vegetables. People who eat a lot of vitamins, less likely to suffer from heart disease.
6. Salt. Pay attention to the consumption of salt. Normal – 2 grams per day.

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