Beautiful Feet in a Week

310820161Everybody knows that before the start of the spring and summer of the woman are beginning to sign up for a pedicure. Feet should be in perfect condition. However, in winter no one cares about the beauty of the feet. Believe me, if the winter to carry out the required list of procedures for the legs, before the beginning of spring will not need to worry, because the legs are ideal. So, what to do during the week?

1. Remove the old varnish. Remove old nail polish and do not cover them for a week. Best of all every day to lubricate them with lemon juice.
2. Cleanse. Clean foot. This can be done by means of special brushes and scrub.
3. The cuticle. Now is the time to go directly to a pedicure.
4. Mask. Now legs need to moisten, and this can be done using a mask with the addition of olive oil.
5. Form. Give your nails the desired shape.
6. The application of the varnish. After completion of all procedures for the next day may be applied lacquer. Remember that the first layer should always be basic. After it is necessary to put the main color of the varnish in two layers.
7. Cream. Every day, after a shower cream, lubricate the legs.

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