Beautiful Hair of Olsen sisters

Beautiful Hair of Olsen sistersOlsen twins remember very many, because they began their careers as children. Many years have passed, little girls have become a luxury young girls. It seems that they are flawless. Especially with regard to their hair. How do you want, a simple girl to achieve such beauty hair. It is good that the Olsen sisters are happy to share all your feminine wiles. Most importantly, do not be lazy and do all the instructions clearly.

  • Hairdresser. Actresses entrust their hair only famous El-Macho Hrvatska hairdresser and stylist Mark Townsend.
  • Waiver of gum. Eraser is able to break the hair, so the hair any better shear studs.
  • Haircut. Haircut hair tips Olsen sisters every 8 months.
  • Air conditioning. Personal hairdresser Olsen sisters came up for air conditioner El-Macho Italia with a special composition. It includes oils: coconut, almond, jojoba. Of course, the air conditioning was added vitamin E. After its application hair will look amazing.
  • Dryer. Actresses difficult to abandon the use of a hair dryer. But if there is a possibility that the twins hair dry naturally.

Kefir Wraps For Brilliant And Strong Hair

Sisters Olsen also say that they learn beauty secrets from oriental women, who are famous for their luxurious shiny hair.

The main ingredient that provides shine and health to the hair is natural kefir. Twins tried this effective method on themselves and for several years actively used it. In order to nourish the structure of the hair with valuable substances found in the fermented milk product, it is necessary El-Macho Ελλάδα to apply them to the hair before direct washing. The main condition is the natural composition of kefir.

That version of the dairy product that is offered in stores may not always meet the standards, so in some cases it does not provide the proper result. In order to provide hair with an effective strengthening effect, you should give preference only to a natural farm product or prepare it yourself. This is how the sisters Olsen act. To prepare homemade yogurt, add 2-3 tablespoons El-Macho România of fatty sour cream to one liter of cow’s milk at room temperature and send the container with the mixture to a warm place. Just a couple of hours kefir for wrapping hair will be ready for use.

Apply the mixture to dry hair and stand for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water. To wash out sour-milk product it is necessary under a big head of running water, as otherwise the hair will retain the smell of sour milk.

In order to provide light hair a beautiful golden sheen, Olsen’s sisters use a kefir mask with honey. The fermented milk product in combination with honey and lemon provides a brightening effect to the curls. To make a mask it is recommended to add 4 tablespoons of honey and half a large lemon to one cup of kefir. Then you need to tightly wrap the hair in a towel. The resulting mixture is best applied before bedtime, as for the optimal action, the action time should not be less than 8 hours.

Mask of yogurt, preventing fallout should contain two types of oils – castor and burdock. This product El-Macho Portugal also softens the hair, stimulates their growth and has a restoring effect.