Beauty after 30 Years

250820168Every woman, regardless of age, wants to remain attractive. However, over the years it harder and harder to do. So how do you keep the youth after 30 years ?! Most likely, the issue of concern to many.

1. Lifestyle. If you want to look beautiful, keep a correct way of life. None smoking, alcohol and night discos. A full and healthy sleep – that’s what a woman needs after 30 years.
2. Walking. Avoid travel to work by car. Most go on foot. Before going to bed also need to walk.
3. Bike. Over the weekend, ride a bike. It is much more useful than watching the next series of melodrama. Spend more time outdoors, and not near a computer.
4. Sport. To the body was in good shape, you need to exercise regularly. Two training sessions a day would be sufficient.
5. Nutrition. Eat better to separate after six in the evening to give up eating fatty foods.
6. Care. Particular care is necessary to care for the skin. This can be done by yourself or go to the beautician. If desired, you can always combine.

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