Beauty and Health Regulations

2209201610Everyone wants to be not only beautiful, but also healthy. To successfully combine the two paragraphs, you need to know some tricks.

1. Sleep. Daytime sleep is very useful. Let the person sleeps for 10-15 minutes, but he could recuperate.
2. Diary. If you decide to lose weight, get a diary. Write down there all that you consume. Believe me, in such a way to lose weight is much easier because each meal can be easily traced.
3. Gymnastics. Every morning should start with charging. This is a great way to start the morning. Merry mood for the whole day will be guaranteed.
4. Walking. More go. Avoid public transport.
5. Computer. Researchers found that women who spend a lot of time at the computer age faster.
6. Mobile phone. Do not day and night talking on the phone, since the radiation comes from it.
7. Plastic tableware. In no case can not eat a hot meal with plastic dishes.
8. Shower. Wash need. Only all should be in moderation. Excessive cleanliness is also injurious to health.
9. Smile. Smile more often and be all right.
10. Love. I love all living things around.

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