Beauty and Olive Oil

200920162It is difficult to find a woman who would not want to look attractive. Most likely, those of the fair sex does not exist. All women are at present to be a beauty queen.

To this end, women are willing to attend the most expensive beauticians, spend lots of money on cosmetics. However, everything is much easier. There is one magic bullet that can cope with any challenge. Of course, all guessed, we are talking about olive oil. So, when you can use olive oil.

Olive oil is ideal for removing makeup. At the same time it is still perfectly moisturize the skin. For oily skin warm oil should be applied for 10 minutes, and when dry – at 20. If you want to make a mask tonic, the olive oil is also suitable. It is very important that the mask is perfect for all skin types.

Recall that the oil can be used in masks for the hair. After this mask hair will be beautiful and silky.

At the first sign of stretch marks will also need to apply olive oil. The result was not long in coming.

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