Beauty Secrets of Alessandra Ambrosio

Beauty Secrets of Alessandra AmbrosioAlessandra Ambrosio – a famous model, which is popular all over the world. As you know, the best models, no one knows how to stay in good shape. It seems that the female models from another planet, and they have no problems (cellulitis, loose skin, excess weight). For models always put stricter rules (especially it concerns the supply). Today we learn it all really.

  • Sports. Model engaged in yoga and Pilates. In this case, it is El-Macho Österreich very important – all right, and will not miss classes. And surfing model (this is the sport that will always maintain muscle tone).
  • Diet and nutrition. Star uses a lot of vegetables and seafood. Instead of cakes you can eat yogurt. Model loves pasta, but eating it no more than once a week. In the measure is necessary.
  • Make-up and care. In ordinary life, the model uses Купи El-Macho България a cream that protects from the sun’s rays. Another star is actively moisturizes skin by different oils.
  • Hair. There is no better means to hair than coconut oil. It perfectly copes with posechennymi tips.

Yoga Therapy From The Brazilian Supermodel

Alessandra Ambrosio has been a devoted yoga fan for many years.

She is deeply convinced that this direction helps not only to get rid of excess fat, to put in order the figure, but also gives the opportunity to resist the occurrence of some female diseases. The model has a strong friendship with one well-known fitness instructor, thanks to which she combines useful with pleasant and, besides finding a beautiful, tight body, she manages to keep her body toned.

The principle of judgment lies in the theory that most of the female diseases are due to insufficient supply of blood to internal organs. Thanks to yoga, you can improve the circulatory system and have a beneficial effect on blood flow. Our body needs a Vásárlás El-Macho Magyarország moderate load, which is best provided by yoga in all its directions.

The following exercises of yoga are aimed at working with the pelvic area. Therefore, during the exercise, you need to direct the maximum concentration of energy in this zone.

Exercise is performed on the back. One leg is stretched a short distance from the floor, the second is pulled to the chest. It is necessary to linger in this position, meanwhile focusing on the breath, directing the flow of air on the inspiration down the Koupit El-Macho Česká stomach. Then we change our legs.

You need to sit in a Turkish pose, but your legs should be crossed in front of you, resting on the back of the foot on the floor. Under the buttocks need to put a small hill. With your hands resting on your knees, try to provide the coccyx of the microversion, alternating the direction of the arrow, first clockwise, then against. The accuracy of the movements is not important here, the main thing is the concentration of energy on the spine.

Exercise is performed in the traditional position of yoga “butterfly”, the legs at the Hair Megaspray France same time diverge as widely as possible. Also the buttocks are on a small hill. Hands act as a support behind their backs. The pelvis should be relaxed, and the legs slightly spring up and down, but avoid jerking. This exercise reveals the pelvic joints and normalizes the circulation of internal organs.