Beauty Secrets of Alexandra Samokhina

Beauty Secrets of Alexandra SamokhinaAlexandra Samokhina is a great actress. She was only 32. She has a busy schedule, but this does not prevent her to remain always in great shape and looks at all 100. What secrets stores legendary actress?

1. Sports. The practice of sport should be 3-4 times a week. It is not necessary that the training was exhausting. A more appropriate not to miss classes.
2. Nutrition. Every woman should always pay special attention to what gets into her stomach. We need to abandon the harmful products. Try to eat food in fresh or boiled.
3. Care. Care for themselves and need from a young age. First, you can only do home treatments, but the older the woman, the more it requires the services of a professional cosmetologist.
4. Hair. The actress of the wonderful nature of hair and color. If a woman does estratto di Garcinia Cambogia Veda Italia not dye your hair, you can do masks oil-based. If the hair is painted once a month, without any professional assistance and can not do.
5. Family. For women, a very important family and home. If it is, then it regardless of age will be fine.

Neck And Decollete Skin Care

The skin in the delicate area of ​​the chest and neck always gives out the age of the woman. Therefore, requests special attention and regular care.

A popular actress knows how to effectively combat age-related changes in order to preserve her youth and attractiveness.

Effective tips for step-by-step care

Stage number 1. Cleansing. To clean the skin in the décolleté area, do not use cosmetics containing alcohol. It is better for these purposes to apply tonic or lotion on a natural basis. The star advises washing with mineral water. Twice a week, cleanse the skin with a soft scrub. To prepare extracto de Garcinia Cambogia Veda España a cleanser, take a finely grated apple and mix with the ground coffee beans. Mass should be rubbed with massage movements, then rinse with water at room temperature.

Stage number 2. Humidification. Moisten the skin with a potato mask. You need to make a puree from one potato, then add the yolk and melted honey, in the amount of one teaspoon. In the mixture obtained, pour in a spoonful of castor oil and the same amount of glycerin, it can be purchased at a pharmacy. Uniform composition is imposed on the problem area. Wash off after waiting twenty minutes. A famous artist assures that this procedure will smooth the skin. If you perform the procedure before going to bed, the result will be visible soon.

Stage number 3. Food. To nourish the skin apply a compress with oil: to do this, moisten MaxiSize Türkiye fiyat a piece of cotton cloth in warmed almond or coconut oil and attach it to the previously cleaned skin. Top wrapped in hot water with a gauze dressing and a towel. The duration of the procedure is about half an hour.

Stage number 4. Elimination of wrinkles. To rejuvenate the body, use simple advice. Use a mask that has lifting effect. You need to mix half a glass of milk with honey (10 grams) and lemon juice (1 teaspoon). For density, pour a full glass of crushed oatmeal. Apply the resulting mass for half an hour. Remove the product with a decoction of chamomile.