Beauty Secrets of Alice Panikyan

140720167Panikyan Alice was born in Bulgaria. She in 2006 managed to win the Miss Universe title. Since then, many years have passed, but the girl is beautiful and attractive. How she manages to combine all? Today we learn all the secrets of her beauty.

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Beauty Is Not Easily Given

For a Bulgarian girl named Alice, things did not happen as they say about it in fashion magazines.

The girl in order to achieve tremendous success and win the title “Miss Universe” very much put their own strength and patience.

She almost every day woke up with the idea that Maxi Size Ελλάδα προκειμένου her dream must certainly come true, which gave her the strength to eat properly and never in her life to eat, and she refused to take walks with friends for the night to go to bed .

After all, it is well known that an absolutely beautiful woman can only be if she sleeps well. Regular sports loads did not give her the opportunity to recover, and therefore maintained the body in excellent shape.

Therefore, it is worth paying tribute to her incredible zeal, which she had to put on the way to her goal. And only when she still deservedly received the award and world ZDOROV anti-invecchiamento crema acquistare Italia popularity, she was able to admit to journalists that everything she did in life was not in vain. And she does not regret for a moment about what she had to give up for this privilege of being the most beautiful woman in the universe.

Today, when fame does not allow her to move about freely in the streets and live a normal life, Alisa tries not to take it as flour. On the contrary, she enjoys communicating with all the fans and some even gives advice on how best to restructure her thinking in order to become successful and beautiful. Youth and charm allow the girl to continue her modeling career and be the face of the world’s leading brands of cosmetics and perfumes, as well as clothing and footwear.

According to Alice herself, she likes a life that allows her ZDOROV anti-aging cream buy Ireland to feel who she really is. Moreover, many people now work on maintaining its beauty. But despite this, the girl wants to have a family and raise children who could take over from the mother all the charisma and continue the business she started. So it is only necessary to wait until there is someone who can conquer the heart of a star of such magnitude.