Beauty Secrets of Alsou

Beauty Secrets of AlsouAlsou – a talented singer. Now she speaks little, because prepare to become a mother for the third time. However, nothing prevents this young girl to remain in good shape. How she did it, now we know.

  • Healthy sleep. The woman simply must get enough sleep, or traces of poor and low-quality sleep immediately affect the appearance. Eight hours a day is enough to fully relax.
  • Proper nutrition. should be paid to their special dietary food. If you eat throughout life correctly, the skin problems and excess weight will never be.
  • Sport. No less important point – this is sport. You do not need to engage in to comprar Hondrocream Portugal exhaustion, but light exercise will not hurt. Engage in what like (dancing, swimming).
  • Make-up. Makeup should always be appropriate. However, there is nothing better than natural beauty.
  • Love. Surround yourself with love. Only love fills the hearts of people with kindness and faith in a brighter future. Try not to faint. It is best to think only of good.

Use Of Essential Oils For Hair

Silky and healthy curls are an ornament of any woman.

The famous singer has always followed the beauty of her hair and paid a lot of time to care for them. Perfectly affects the use of funds based on oils, which favorably affect not only the appearance, but also the overall health status.
How to prepare a mask

The composition of the remedy should consist of components that do not cause, you personally have an allergic reaction. Essential oils are not always friendly with other substances. To create a mixture of a homogeneous consistency, you should first prepare the base and take a small part of it, then gradually introduce to it a drop of oil, checking the reaction.

Then add the rest of the base and mix everything. Do not abuse the funds in which they are available. One or two Naročilo El-Macho Slovenija times a week to notice the effect, it will be enough.

Recipe number 1. This mixture is used for six weeks. Take two tablespoons burdock oil, to it add rose oil, pine and chamomile. All mix and apply on the hair, wrap it in a bag. For best effect, leave it overnight. Wash off with shampoo. After a course of the done procedures, you will feel, how hair have considerably got stronger and began faster, to grow.

Recipe number 2. In olive or coconut oil, sprinkle 10 drops of lavender, 3 drops of jasmine oil and geranium. This product perfectly nourishes dry strands and strengthens the roots. Keep the product on your head for an hour.

Recipe number 3. Celebrity advises to apply the procedure a couple of times a week and keep on the hair for about 40 minutes. Take the lemon juice and mix with a glass of vodka, three drops of mint oil, jojoba, coconut. A little warm up and put on curls. Wash off with warm El-Macho España Encargar water, using shampoo.

Recipe number 4. Prepare 10 milligrams of castor oil and combine with five drops of tea tree and two drops of rosemary. All mixed, you need a mixture of slightly warmed and rubbed into the roots, distributing along the entire length. The star recommends keeping the remedy at least 25 minutes, but it is quite possible to leave for the night, so the result will be more noticeable.