Beauty Secrets of Amber Valletta

050720167Amber Valletta – a beautiful woman who has achieved incredible success in their careers. She was 42 years old, and she is the highest paid model in the world. How it manages to be a wonderful mother, a famous model and just a beautiful woman? Combining is not so simple, but it all turns with unprecedented ease.

  • Sun protection. The model does not come out of the house, if not put on the skin sunscreen. The handbag should always be sunscreen.
  • Wrinkles. To lower facial wrinkles appear, you need to build fewer grimaces. Of course, you do not need to be a woman with a straight face, but all should be in moderation.
  • Skin. Every morning, the skin should be clean and moisturize. This is Comentários Fito spray Portugal a very simple rules, which are very effective. Unfortunately, many women recenzije Fito Spray Hrvatska ignore them and then themselves from it and suffer.
  • Sport. Model prefers to ride a bike. This is a great workout at the same time in the fresh air.
  • Makeup. The make-up should always give Mnenja Fito Spray Slovenija preference to natural shades. There is nothing better than natural, which will always be in fashion.

The Secret Of Well-Groomed Legs

A well-known model is a happy owner of beautiful and well-groomed legs.

She does not forget about them cares and will gladly share the secrets of grooming. Of course, every woman dreams of a fashionable pedicure and smooth little heels.

So as not to be ashamed to shoe sandals or go to the beach, use the advice of a Hollywood star.

Care of the feet includes:

  • Depilation and depilation. Undoubtedly the legs should remain smooth and silky at any time. To do this, select the depilation method that suits you. When choosing a remedy to get rid of unnecessary hairs, pay attention to the sensitivity of the skin and your pain threshold. Methods of hair removal are different: razor, depilator, waxing, laser and electric hair removal, chemical depilation.
  • Massage. Massage for the feet will bring great benefit to the body, it will not only lead to muscle tone, but also will have a positive effect on the entire body. In the feet there are many reflex points affecting one or another organ. It is possible to do the procedure of massaging the legs yourself. Smooth movements move along the lymph to the lymph nodes. The model assures that, by performing such a massage, you can relieve fatigue and at the Yorumlar Fito Spray Türkiye same time carry out prevention of varicose veins.
  • Cosmetic baths. The star especially likes to use a softening bath. You need two liters of water, take two tablespoons of lemon juice and the same amount of olive oil. Stir and add half a glass of milk.
  • Pedicure. A beautiful pedicure always looks impressive. To do this, hold your feet in the emollient tray, then remove the coarsened skin. Clean and nail the nails. Use tweezers to remove cuticles.
  • Paraffinotherapy. A very effective procedure is paraffin therapy of feet. Take cosmetic wax, towel, pumice and food film. The procedure will take 40 minutes of your time. It is necessary to melt the wax and put on the feet. When the wax is in a solid state, wrap the treated areas with food film and top with a towel. After half an hour, the film is removed and the skin treated with pumice.
  • Peeling. You can use the procedure offered by the spa. It can be: chemical, mechanical отзиви Fito Spray България and hardware appearance. Peeling can be done at home. For example, a coffee scrub, after which the skin is much more tender. You need to take a teaspoon of ground coffee and sea salt. Two tablespoons of olive oil. Mix everything and use the scrub on the steamed legs for about 3-5 minutes.