Beauty Secrets of Anastasia Kamensky

Beauty Secrets of Anastasia KamenskyAnastasia Kamensky is young and talented singer. Her voice is amazing. However, many noticed that the girl has a weight problem. As she struggles with him, to be in shape? Today finds the answers to all these questions.

1. Hair. The singer by nature is very beautiful and thick hair, but it does not mean that it is not necessary to care for them. Several times a week tediously apply a hydrating mask and go to a beauty salon. But do not forget about home remedies for hair care.
2. Make-up. Because the star is always painted before going on stage, in everyday life, it goes without makeup. Bright makeup no longer in fashion.
3. Nutrition. The singer is necessary to closely monitor their diet to Valgus Pro Magyarország ár be in good shape. She can not afford to eat anything. Sometimes, during a tour it is impossible to eat right and you have to fast (but do not repeat such readers). Of course, you need to drink plenty of fluids during the day.
4. Sport. Of course, without the sport in good shape to be simply not work. Regular exercise – this is what you need for a slim figure.

Dietary Diet Based On The Star

Nastya Kamensky is a hair dryer in the modern Ukrainian show business. Even with a clearly expressed excess weight, she looks stunning and sexy.

However, the singer herself says that she is very uncomfortable to stay with extra pounds, so she tries to get rid of them through some proven diets. These girl power systems are used every time when she needs to get herself into shape in a short time. Specialists from the field of dietology note that these programs have many advantages.

First, they have an incredibly high efficiency, and secondly, because it contains a large number of useful products supplies the body with the necessary elements and improves metabolism. And the third, but not the last, advantage is that the body undergoes an effective purification system. The girl says that in a short time she managed to throw off an impressive number of kilograms, but how many, could not find out.

Before starting a dietary diet, you need to endure one day of shipment, during which you should drink two liters of fat-free kefir, divided into several receptions.

During the course of diets, you need to drink every day prezzo Valgus Pro Italia two liters of purified still water.

Completely abandon the use of unhealthy food. Completely eliminate sweets, baked goods, smoked products. Also unconditional taboo on carbonated drinks and alcohol.

The most severe but effective diet, according to the singer, is that for two days the body is completely rid of food and receives only liquid – water and green tea without sugar. However, before you injure your body by refusing food, you need to prepare it for several preţ Valgus Pro România days. Seven days before the start, you must completely abandon the protein food.

After a two-day hunger, one should consume only raw vegetables and fruits throughout the day, as well as beans. It is necessary to give preference to the most juicy products, in which there is a lot of liquid. During this period, alcoholic beverages, nicotine products, and black tea and coffee are strictly forbidden.