Beauty Secrets of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

110720168Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is no longer a young girl of 20 years, but this does not prevent her look is always delicious. As an actress manages to combine touring schedule, bringing up children and to remain such a beautiful woman?

1. Power. To weight is always a constant need to eat properly and do not overeat. If there is excess weight, then you need to reduce the dose in half.
2. Alcohol. From alcoholic drinks should be abandoned, since they increase the appetite.
3. Bath. If you are experiencing stress or need to Macho Man Norge verk relieve stress, go to the bath.
4. Care. The actress gives a lot of time on skin care. To do this it chooses cosmetic brands tested.
5. Makeup. Since the actress on the set is always applied make-up, in everyday life, it goes without makeup.
6. Hair. For hair care actress carefully. To do this, she always chooses the expensive cosmetics.
7. Beauty. A visit to the beautician – is something that should never be missed.
8. Femininity. Every woman should radiate good. Angry and jealous will never be beautiful and feminine.

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks: Tips From Super Babysitter

Stretch marks are familiar to women who have experienced a big jump in weight or pregnancy.

And over the years the skin loses its smoothness and elasticity, as a result, ugly bands on the body are visible. A well-known actress knows the secret of how to get rid of them and share advice with their fans.

Methods of combating stretch marks: folk remedies:

1. Masks against stretch marks are recognized as one of the most effective procedures. The star recommends that you regularly use a nutritious household composition against unpleasant phenomena, which is quite easy to prepare. You need to take in equal parts freshly squeezed liquid from aloe and olive oil (100 grams). Add 5 drops of vitamin E and A. Add the mixture to the problem areas twice a day, for a month.

2. Wraps are quite a popular and effective procedure. For the preparation of the product, the coffee and clay are combined in a 1: 1 ratio. Warm water is added to the resulting mixture. Then the prepared mush is applied to the skin and wrapped with polyethylene. Keep this FitoSpray Norge compress for about half an hour. At the end of time, the famous artist advises taking a contrast shower, for a good result.
3. Aromatic oils have a powerful regenerative effect. But rub orange or grapefruit oil regularly, every other day, for half a year, then the effect of the procedure will be noticeable. The effect of applying to the skin a mixture of several oils: rosemary, almonds, orange and olive oil is well noticeable. It is not recommended to apply more than 10 drops of aromatic oils for one procedure, as this can cause an allergic reaction. Optimum dosage of 5 drops.
4. Scrubs are also used to improve the skin and combat deficiencies. You need to mix a glass of sugar, with the same amount of salt and vegetable oil. Taking a shower, massage this effective scrub with problem areas.
5. The main thing is to perform the massage systematically. These actions contribute to the Norge kjøper Maxi Size Norge flow of lymph to the problem areas and this triggers the regeneration of cells. The abdomen and buttocks should be massaged in a circular motion. Hips and waist upright from top to bottom. Cosmetics stores now sell comfortable brushes designed specifically to remove stretch marks. Celebrity recommends using self-massage to use oil or cream.